Pictured Above: Heath Maxted In The Adviser, July 2008.


Ted Cahill Motors was founded in 1983 by Ted Cahill himself.

In 1990 Ted sold the business to his son Alan, and his wife Lois Cahill, who then took the reins for the next 13 years. By 2003, Alan & Lois felt it was time to move on, & sold the business to Scott & Julie Campbell.

After 10 years in business Scott & Julie felt it was time to pass on the baton to their long time, dedicated workshop foreman, Heath Maxted.

Scott & Julie’s words, in June 2013…

“We have been fortunate enough to find the ideal purchasers for our business in Heath and Donna Maxted. Heath has had a long history with the business, beginning his apprenticeship in 1994, and over the years moving to workshop foreman. Heath has now seen 3 different owners come and go, and after nearly 20 years of service, Heath feels it is the perfect time to take on an ownership role of a job that he enjoys and knows so well.”

Heath & Donna Maxted took over Ted Cahill Motors on July 1st 2013.
With a bit of hard work, a passion to succeed, and so many devoted customers, Ted Cahill Motors continues to grow and expand.