Shepparton’s Best Clutch and Brake Repairs

If you’re having some issues with your vehicle’s mechanicals, it’s best to get onto it sooner rather than later. Like human issues such as toothache, the longer the problem is left without being fixed, the worse it gets.

At Ted Cahill Motors, you need not be wary of whether or not we will advise any mechanical work that doesn’t actually need to be performed. We have built up a reputation in Shepparton as an establishment that can be trusted to provide a wide range of services performed to the highest standard.

Warning signs to look out for

When it comes to brake and clutch repairs, there are a few signs that you need to have them checked by professionals.


  • * • First off, keep your ear out for strange sounds. These can signal that you might be in brake replacements soon. A high-pitched screech will come from your brake pad’s wear indicator, and a grinding noise means you’ve worn through the pad completely and it’s metal against metal (not good… at all!).
  • * If you can feel a vibrating in the pedal, it could mean that you have warped rotors. It could also mean that your wheel alignment is out too – both good reasons to come to us and get it looked at by our experienced mechanics.
  • * Lastly, be aware of sensitivity; a ‘cushiony’ pedal feeling that requires you to push essentially to the floor in order to stop properly could mean a brake fluid leak, worn pads, or something else. Conversely, if it’s incredibly sensitive, the cause could be dirty/contaminated brake fluid or a rotor with uneven wear, which will require brake repairs.


  • * If you’ve fully engaged the clutch, then shift and feel/hear a grinding noise, it can mean many different things. One of which is that it may be worn, or just needs an adjustment. If you hear a grinding noise, bring it straight in to get checked. This applies to any other sound too, really. Clunking, whining, shrieking; get it checked.
  • * One other sign that you need clutch repairs is that there’s simply no response when engaging different gears. Whether it’s a manual or auto trans, hesitation to go into gear or a poor response is generally a serious problem that needs fixing ASAP.

Need brake replacements or your clutch serviced? Get in touch

Please call us in Shepparton on (03) 5821 5806 if you have any of the issues noted above. The earlier it’s properly diagnosed, the better.